Saturday, November 16, 2013

three Instagram accounts i like

Remember the days when some random person would come up with a "30 Day Photography Challenge", and you had to take a photo a day according to the given theme? Eg., Day 1 - My face, Day 2 - My Favourite Food, etc. Those were the days when people tried to coax their inner photographer to shine bright by producing noteworthy images, and even then, some would struggle to find a photo to take a day for 30 consecutive days!

Today, you don't need coaxing to get people to come up with 30 photos in 30 days. They will shove their Instagram accounts into your face. Everyone is taking 50 photos a day, and at least half of it goes to Instagram*. This has led to a glut of photos on the platform, making it difficult to find the really excellent and inspirational poster-worthy shots from the mundane #selfies and #beastmodes.

Today, I want to talk about three of my friends who are using Instagram right.

1. @janleejj

If I had to describe her stream in one word, it would be CAFE. Jan knows what she likes and she knows her subject matter well, resulting in properly composed pictures that tell a story and evoke an emotion when you see it. You'll enjoy following her because each photo has a certain quality and feel to it, all poetic in manner.

2. @darrenarvid

Darren's feed is a mix of teen and photography enthusiast - pieces of daily life and milestones entwined with macro shots of nature and trees. What I really like is that when you see a photo, you can tell that much thought has been put into it from snap to filter to upload. And he appreciates the beauty of each subject matter, treating each with respect as being God's creations. Two thumbs up.

3. @roomeen

This girl, she just joined Instagram a few months ago, but she's already working it like a pro. From her images, she very clearly knows what works and what doesn't, leading to a photostream that has more commercial value than not! So very tumblr ready!

*my own sources

Friday, November 15, 2013

guzzling gas

I nearly drained my Smart Tag of its value today, beeping through more tolls than I would have if I were to drive down to Port Dickson. The amount of petrol I burned also burned another small hole in the atmosphere, and added one size to my carbon footprint. Above it all, I felt strangely calm. On any other day, I would have been screaming and tearing my hair apart for wasting money and petrol and damaging the environment, but not today - today, I came to terms and embraced the flow of the traffic; I accepted my fate that I am a Klangite wasting half my life driving down to KL for work every weekday.

Maybe one day I will have some bars of gold, quit my job and do the whole "travel the world and discover myself" program that's so popular with the 20s nowadays.

Never mind that we're not content in the first place with where we are and what our journey is, just go and travel, you're gonna find contentment in that foreign land!

No thanks. You gotta learn to find contentment in your daily life, or you'll be finding yourself looking for it everywhere. Know what I mean?

I do love a good discovery, though. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

This week on Gen Y

This week saw a lot of articles floating around my circle of Facebook friends, and these two in particular stood out for being shared countless times.

The first, Marriage Isn't For You. A selfless sort of article with plenty of valid points brought forward, only to be trumped by this Huffington Post article (only shared by one friend).

The second, Why Men Aren't Really Men Anymore from Elite Daily. This article is so full of it, I was glad to see some brain cells in the comments section.
Actually you know what, I don't even know why I bother sharing anything related to Elite Daily here. I just want to let all my friends know that whatever the site says cannot be taken in its entirety, and you have to look to other sites for better food for thought. ED is a tabloid site built on traffic, gained by airing sensational opinion pieces with more fluff and less logic than the Kardashians.

How are you feeling?

Not bad. I just updated my LinkedIn profile and saw that "Social Media Executives" like me are a dime a dozen. It gets very depressing when I spot some who, though have worked at their agency for lesser time than I've been with mine, are already at a senior position.

Sigh. It's never good to compare your path with other people. You'll always end up wanting to slit your wrists.

But I do love what I do. I've asked a senior in the agency once, why are you still here, and they said, it's all for the clientele. And I have come to realize the truth in that statement. Pouring out your dedication to your clients will result in no bad thing, only good. It's like unrequited love. Is anyone understanding what I'm saying?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does"

"omg aisha is a christian? no wonder lah, from her behavior and all!"

isn't it weird that the sentence above can be seen in two different ways?

1. i do good stuff, so people are not surprised to find out i am a christian - i live my beliefs.
2. i do bad stuff, so people are not surprised to find out i'm a christian - i am a hypocrite like the rest.

i think it's important, as christians, to measure yourself periodically by how other people see you. sure sure, you're the salt and light, children of God, etc etc, what other people say about you shouldn't matter, etc. but, if your behavior doesn't reflect the light of what you believe in, what's the use of your identity?

sorry. i know i suck as a person sometimes. but i'm trying. first step: to admit your faults. there. what's the next step?

Saturday, November 2, 2013


grief is a very subjective thing and it's different to each person who experiences it. as a regular writer, i know some of you expect to read about my father's death or how i am coping with it, but i really am in no mood to write about it. i am in the mood to tell you to stop smoking though, that shit is bad for you.

we cope. we do the best we can to cope. 
distractions help for a while.

love you and miss you lots, pi. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013


1. some days, i get so fed up with everything that i give up on everything. driving. socializing. planning. proper eating. it's like a physical burn out. this is relatively normal for everyone, i believe. after a certain period of optimum physical activity and daily routine, you just get vacuumed in a rut for a short time before your real "living" part of the brain shuts down/burns out. like a "fius" that burns. i can't even find the english word for "fius". is it fuze?

thank you for your concern. i will be fine tomorrow.

2. if you have read the wait but why article about generation y yuppies being problematic (the one that has a stick figure and starts with "this is lucy") which has since been popularized by huffington post (you cannot take everything you read there seriously, just like the real singapore, thought catalogue and elite daily), take some time to read the counter article. i lost track of the real point of the argument but i think it's basically saying cut the crap and stop thinking you're *that* special.

3. the i hate church article that's been circulating around the internet - points taken. i myself have lost sight on what the church is supposed to be - people and relationships. also, if you're reading the full article, please also take effort to consider this comment from a reader named Jill.

4. "life is relationships; the rest is just details" - gary smalley
read this quote earlier this week. it's been stuck with me since. i hate myself for not living this out - because at its essential, life really is all about the relationships you make and keep and sustain. so many times i neglect that and prioritize a million things above it.

5. if i don't spend time with you or make the effort to spend time with you in this season, and you are offended, i apologize.

6. pinterest is going to start promoting pins. greaaaattttt.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cupcakes & Cakes to share

Was just looking through my girliest Pinterest board and found these three lovely ones I want to share with you guys:  

(Click on the link - there's more gorgeous pictures of the set there!)

(The ultimate confetti cake, for a perfect birthday party!)

(Stop being so pretty! These cupcakes are from Suzie Cakes)

Raju's Banana Leaf Rice, Jalan Gasing, PJ

Last Friday, my colleagues and I did this thing I only do once a year: drive out of the office for lunch. (In 2012, it was dim sum in Kuchai Lama) Last Friday, our five minute's drive took us to Jalan Gasing. On the menu: banana leaf rice at Raju's!

The staple at our lunch was a heaping mound of grainy and lightly salted rice, slathered in curry and dhal, coupled with a few vegetable dishes, some poppadum and the extra-special deep fried bitter gourd (which sadly wasn't that great that day). On top of that, we also ordered these amazing side dishes: deep fried sotongs with onion rings, fragrant fried chicken, mutton curry, succulent prawns in spicy sauce and some fried fish. It was a lip-smacking lunch!

The bill for 7 persons came up to RM150 (including countless drinks and two fresh coconuts). 

Raju's Restaurant
Jalan Chantek, Off Jalan Gasing

Image sources:
1, 2: me
3, 4: Li Sing via Instagram.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

hillsong nyc

Source: AP

Hillsong NYC making waves in the community, complete with hotel pool baptisms!
And those neon signages are the bomb.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chye Seng Huat Hardware/Coffeshop

There is a double storey hardware shop on Tyrwhitt Road (a.k.a. Jalan Besar) in Singapore which you must check out if you're in the neighborhood. Its grilled gates suggest that it's a real shop with an operational business. Look closer, enter through the side metal doors and you'll walk into a world unlike any other you'll ever see!

Welcome to...Chye Seng Huat Hardware & Coffee Shop.

Nondescript doesn't even begin to describe this gem of a coffee house. Seating no more than 50 (?) people at a time, this Papa Palheta-owned business took over an existing hardware shop and retained its identity by taking on the name in its reincarnated form. (Papa Palheta is the brains behind some of the uber cool coffee shops in Singapore)

The ground floor houses the main coffee shop (plus ample outdoor seating), and a little further to the back sits The Annex, an "experimental and experiential tasting bar concept" for java lovers. The second floor is home to Tyrwhitt General Store, where you'll be able to find handcrafted and handpicked accessories and knick knacks catering to your hipster whims. (I got my super cute passport cover here!) I believe there is also another experimental lab/coffee bar on this floor, too.

Why you must check Chye Seng Huat out:

1. Because it's awesome.
2. Because they know their coffee.
3. You'll never find something else like this elsewhere!

More images here.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

the good christian music blog

Saw another one of Bryan's epic album review posts and went to check a few out, then got led to this Youtube channel: The Good Christian Music Blog.  Bookmark it!

Here's a song I found in one of their many playlists:

Luff this song. Rainy weather.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Week in August 2013

If asked how to describe yourself in three words, and you're lost for words, just look at your Instagram feed. That is your personal publication, showcasing your little milestones and happenings and what catches your interests. Interesting, no?

When I was younger, I saw the music video for Faint and thought, man, I'd want to be in the crowd like that some day, rocking out to LP. And I did.

Linkin Park last Monday night was totally unexpected. I hadn't planned to go up till the very day when someone called up, offering an extra ticket. Of course I said yes! Luckily I was wearing jeans and tee to work that day :P Watching these guys was a dream come true. Did God hear my prayer to watch my favorite childhood band?  Yeahhhh. (When I was 10, Iona used to lock me up in her room after our tuition class to listen to Hybrid Theory because she thought I didn't have any real music education. Her opinions are not unfounded)

(Instavideo, watch here)

#ThrowbackWhenever: I was browsing through my Singapore trip images (from March!) and stumbled upon this pretty shot I took at Books Actually in Tiong Bahru (officially my most fave neighborhood in Singapore). Put it through Whitagram and Instagram and ta-daaa!

I think the prettiness of this picture lies in the Kinfolk magazine there. Fun fact: Kinfolk is an indie-ish publication which I didn't know existed until yesterday. Though I've yet to read any of its issues, I am drawn to their themes. Check out their Facebook page.

Cards I whipped up (thanks to Typo!) for the two interns who left. You cannot get too attached to the interns in the office. Once you've bonded with them, it's always time for them to leave, and you're left with a gaping hole in your heart (and office). LOL. I think I'm too emotional for this kinda stuff.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Footwear 101 - The Five Types of Shoes for Every Girl

Whenever I go shoe shopping, I don't. I try to restrict myself to the least amount of shoes possible due to space constraint at home (and also I'm too lazy to take care of them LOL).

Here is Footwear 101 - The Five Types of Shoes for Every Girl!

1. Flats

Oh, my goodness. Are these the best inventions ever, or what? Simple and easy to wear, comfortable to the point of being the next best thing to your pillow, every girl must have at least one sensible pair of flats for every day wear. You can wear them with almost everything - tees+jeans, a summer dress, blouse+leggings combo, and traditional clothes (baju kurung, cheongsam, etc).

Tip: Choose a pair in black - you won't regret it.
Ballet flats that look like ballet shoes make you look extra girly!

2. Sandals

Plenty types available in the market today: gladiator, open-toed, strappy, with a little heel...

I got these above at Cotton On for RM15 almost a year ago. Since then, it's been my go-to pair of shoes for when I can't decide what to wear. (These are the very ones that paired with all my outfits for four days in Singapore!) When the sole of one side almost tore off last month, I brought them to the cobbler, who gave them new soles (ahaha, geddit, new souls?) for RM10. In total, RM25 for a pair of sandals that I wear everywhere and anywhere? Best. Investment. Yet.

3. Sneakers

For some street cred (LOL). It's versatile and it'll make you feel 10 years younger than you actually are, so why not? I like Converse for its iconic look that has changed little over the years, but there's also Vans and Puma to look at.

4. Heels

Heels are a bit tricky. What type you need really depends on your profession/area of study.

I personally rarely wear heels to work, but I do have a pair of open-toed two inch black heels to go with some work/church dresses, and one pair of open-toed four inch black heels for fancy dinners and stuff. Again, black, it's everyone's favorite color for all the right reasons!

The other type of heeled shoes you can try for everyday wear are wedges (which are the most comfortable heeled shoes EVER) and strappy heels.

You shouldn't be wearing four-inch heels every day, because your leg nerves are going to get strained, and you'll put a lot of undue pressure on your tiny toes. And you could trip and fall and tear a hole in your jeans. (happened to me)

5. Slippers

Because they're the coolest things to wear at a pasar malam. And on holidays.

All images from me.

Aisha, the Freelance Writer in KL, Malaysia

Do you need someone to look through your resume and cover letter before you send it to potential employers?*

Do you need your event flyer to be mistake-free?

Do you need a 1,000 word commentary on a current issue?

Hire me!

I am extending my skills and services as a freelance writer to anyone who's looking for such services. Click on the link to contact me.

*I will actually do this for free for my friends. Just send me a message on Facebook! :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Style tips I wish I knew when I was 13

I have this one maxi dress from MNG that I love to wear. It never fails to garner a compliment, and I always bore people to death with how I got it at 50% off. I must have gotten it on one of my shopping trips with my mum. Whatever good looks you see me wearing, it’s largely developed by my mum. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I figured out what a good thing it is to go shopping for clothes with her (besides the fact that she pays for the purchases :P). Numerous shopping trips with her has helped me figure out what works or doesn’t for me. Thanks mum!

That aside, here are some style tips I wished I knew when I was 13. 

1. Basics

Underwear, cardigans/pull-overs, tank tops and tube tops should only come in three colors: black, white and nude. You’ll be able to mix and match lots of outfits with tank tops and cardigans in these three colors. Also, get at least one pair of black leggings (which you must wear with tops that cover your butt, because these are NOT pants) and black tights (like leggings, but thinner and more sheer). 

Tip: There's a shop in Sungei Wang Plaza that sells a variety of tights from RM10 onwards. I get mine from there!

2. Jeans & pants

Skinnies, though bad for your blood circulation if worn over a lengthened period of time, have been proven to make you look hotter than you are. A pair of dark-colored jeans can also be overwhelmingly compatible with almost any type of top - fancy blouses, tank top, that camp t-shirt in XXL - so make sure you invest in a good, quality pair. I’ve only tried Levi’s and they work well for me. Great for every day wear and when an event calls for smart casual dress code. 

Pants: black slacks for presentations, interviews and what not. 

Tip: Wash jeans after 3-4 wears, or when it gets dirty. 

3. Tops & Tees 

You are allowed to wear shirts with funny words and quotes on it until you feel you’re too old for that. After that, your t-shirts should only come in neutral colors or patterns or graphics that you like. But you won't be buying much of these because you'll get many camp tees, so invest instead in blouses and a nice denim top! 

Tip: Get a tee in black and white. Can be short or long-sleeved, and will be a life-saver when you don't know what to wear. 

4. Dresses

The cheaper, the better. Make sure it’s not too short (because nobody wears too-short dresses ANYWHERE. I regret getting that RM30 HM one). If getting a maxi dress, stick with neutral colors or stripes - you’ll be able to pair it with various accessories for different looks! 

Personally, I like secondhand dresses and RM15 dresses from Cotton On. But if you’re on bridesmaid duty, splurge on something nicer. 

5. Never try on black dresses.

You will end up buying it, and have fifteen in your wardrobe that you’ll end up wearing once. Black is a universally flattering and slimming color that looks great on anyone, and black dresses are normally cut to fit very nicely. Therefore you will look great in any black dress of any brand and price. 

Bonus Tips
*No article of clothing (with the exception of jeans and underwear) is worth paying full retail price for. Wait for the sale season. 
*Everything in Forever21 is overpriced. Only buy something there if you cannot find it elsewhere. 
*Thrift shopping and bundle shopping is not to be looked down upon. Great treasures have been unearthed at these places. But stay away from underwear thrift shopping, no matter how tempting.
*Students: stick to the budget your parents gave you. 
Working people: Set your own budget. 
*My personal tip: Don't shop unless you have something you really want/need in mind. 

What is one item of clothing you wished you never wore when you were 13? 

All images taken from my Instagram. Follow me!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Tune Picks from BFM

James Blake - Overgrown

He is apparently one of the pioneers of dubstep. Cool, chill tune. The beat will feel off a bit, like he's singing out of time, but everything comes together almost seamlessly.

I don't wanna be a star, 
but a stone on the shore
Long door, frame on the wall
When everything's overgrown

King Krule - Rock Bottom

This dude, according to Zack (of 33RPM - I get most songs from this show), sings like a punk and plays the guitar like a jazz maestro. I guarantee you'll fall in love with this tune by the 30 second mark. I don't know what genre this is, though - jazz/pop/alt rock/swing? 

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe

This. Song. Why has it took so long for me to find this? I don't know. But it's good stuff. Yes, the lyrics and story of the song is bad! But the song itself is good. I've heard of Jimi Hendrix, but I didn't know he sounded like this. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

It was a seriously good four-day weekend. I regret nothing. Also: God answered so many prayers this weekend. I feel spoiled!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pacific Rim: Fun Things

(I watched Pacific Rim the other day. Nothing like a loud and scary movie [to me, anyway - I hate underwater depths and giant monsters of untracable origins] with little character/plot worth to while the evening away! Besides the stunning work done on the graphics, I was also particularly interested in the not-so-subtle nuances of superpowers in the world - see Russia, China, US and Australia throwing in their own Jaegers to defend a territory. Also, Hannibal Chou and the stereotype that the Chinese eat everything under the sun - it's a real likelihood if there were Kaijus! LOL. 

Here are 2 interesting articles I found this week riding on Guillermo Del Toro's newest movie:)

Cherno Alpha, Gipsy Danger, Crimson Something...ever wonder why the Jaegers are given such macho names? Ever wanted to build one of your own?

Thanks to Warner Bros, now you can.

Some awesome minded people have made Jaegers for their own countries, and someone compiled particularly hilarious ones on a tumblr. This one is clever (but I really LOL-ed at Rectal Thermometer)

Also, this mild engineering on how much torque needed to lift just one arm of a Jaeger is pretty interesting: 

And a final interesting fact: Del Toro locked up artists in his mansion for a period of time so they could get together to create the Kaiju (monsters) you see in the movie. Pretty interesting. 

The movie is worth watching. To me, anyway. Watch in IMAX or 2D for optimal experience!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

going back 10 years

If you went back 10 years in time, what would you tell your past self?

Okay, first of all, I am not a fan of the whole altering time-space continuum thing. You're gonna create a loophole and allow for new things to happen within that dimension, and that would have some serious consequences, man!

But if I had to tell something to my 12 years old self, I would tell her: "Aisha, high school life will suck for you. But don't lose sleep. It'll get better in a few years' time. Just continue to do what you like to do and be yourself. Think positive and be positive. Remember that sometimes, girls will hate on girls for no clear reason (I personally think it's PMS). If you find girls who like your company and treasure you as a friend, keep them for life. Drop anything that's bad for you. Look outwards. Don't be so inward facing. You're not the only one facing problems in life. This is probably the hardest years for you (developmentally) but remember that puberty never killed anyone.

Ah, I am so smart.

country senses

In the middle of a hot afternoon, the pungent, heady smell of belacan.

A motorbike whirring past on the dusty street, soliciting waves from the fronds of the palm tree.

The wooden rumah kampong on stilts, aging gracefully with each day that passes.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I would wear this at my weekly aerobics class!

Image from

Thursday, July 4, 2013

moodboard: sweet

media of the week: july 2013

In this video below, Jessica Rey (a former Power Ranger) speaks on the perception and function of a bikini in the modern society. It's a really good watch, though some may argue that the facts are skewed to a certain angle. 

And this bubblegum pop tune below, I have been playing on loop. My guilty pleasure! Teehee. (Very Owl City-ish. But I'm not into Owl City) Is it just me, or can you also hear God in every line? 

No, I don't care who the mother is. I hate that architect guy. He reminds me of Tom from 500 Days of Summer. I don't find Barney Stinson at all cool, Robin is kinda cool, but I do like Marshmallow and Lilypad :3

Friday, May 24, 2013

questions to ask yourself

(to make yourself sound smart. also good for self-reflection)

What do you want?

What are you doing to get it?

What keeps you awake at night?

What makes your heart heavy?

What lifts your spirits?

And now, a little bit of humor...

What do you want?

What are you doing to get it?
Browsing Pinterest recipes.

What keeps you awake at night?
Whether or not to get up and eat something

What makes your heart heavy?
Bacon running low

What lifts your spirits?
Knowing that I buy more bacon tomorrow

Monday, May 20, 2013

My weekend in mid-May

1. Learned how to play Bang.
2. Had a piece of wire embedded in 6 of my teeth.
3. Had a glorious nap.
4. Revised some tambourine patterns with the young ones at GHM.
- as I was doing this, I came to a realization. Give more of yourself, and you'll never lack.
5. Helped to iron down Elyon Kedah. God be with us!

Hope your weekend was good!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Music: Thank you lah, Spotify.

I really, really, really like Spotify. Without it, I would not have re-discovered this jewel of a band. You know how you grew up listening to some songs by some bands, and they disappear because they weren't popular enough, or you didn't pay attention to them enough?

Oh my gosh I love Fuel.

Falls On Me is one of my top 10 high school songs, hands down. Guys, I cannot tell you how happy I am to find this song again! Hitz was always playing it back then. I associate this song with good times with friends, cutting out newspaper articles on weekends and swimming. Nerd, I know.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What God is doing

When I thought I was supposed to be encouraging, I ended up being inspired. God is moving, you guys. You may not see it, but it's happening within the young and old alike. He is alive and He is moving mightily.

The little things count. Anybody can take a big step, but it takes perseverance to make many small ones consistently. Keep on the path! Life's destination is awesome, but the journey matters more. If you're not on the path, you may not even end up at the ending point.

"Now may the God of peace...equip you with all you need
for doing his will
May he produce in you, 
through the power of Jesus Christ,
every good thing that is pleasing to him."

-Hebrews 13:20,21

Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY: Simple Gift Bag for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this weekend. I am blessed to have one biological mother and many other "mothers" in my life! So, don't forget to give your non-related aunties and godmothers a hug tomorrow! This is not really a DIY, but it's something simple you can give for Mother's Day. 

Simple Gift Bag for Mother's Day

A box of cookies (for nomming)
A bar of chocolate (because moms also deserve a whole bar to themselves, teehee)
A small tin of cream (for pampering)
A paper bag
A note
A clip

Assemble contents.
Arrange into paper bags.
Write a note.
Clip note to bag. 

Blessed Mother's Day :) 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cooks: Minestrone Soup

Last Saturday morning was a nice day to sleep in but I told myself to get up and go do something. So, half-asleep and still groggy with sleep on my mind and eyes, I shuffled to Tesco to get some ingredients to cook Minestrone (Mee-neh-sthron-ee/Mee-neh-sthron, HELP I still don't know the correct pronounciation) soup.

So like an aunty I went with my canvas bag (Saturday mah) and gathered most of the ingredients I needed fairly quickly.

At the vege section, I saw this tall rack of trays that had many people swarming around it, and found out that it was the fresh produce clearance/markdown area. So (like the aunty that I am) I went through one tray and saw rosemary. I dug a bit more and found basil! One pack of it for RM 0.45! PTL! So cheap ok, normal price is like RM 5 for one pack. And it's quite hard to find basil leaves, so I was very happy to find it :D

This recipe that I found in a cookbook of simple Italian dishes is ridonkulous. It says serves four, but it can definitely serve up to six. Here's the amount & ingredients, in case you're curious:

Minestrone Soup (from Food Lover's Italian)
Serves 4-6
Prep time: 15 mins 
Cook time: 15 mins
Difficulty level: 1/10 (5/10 for chopping the carrots)

4 tomatoes (dropped into boiling water for a few seconds, peeled, deseeded and chopped)
2 carrots
2 small zucchinis
2 onions
600g canned butter beans (substituted with chickpeas)
250g sieved tomatoes/passata (substituted with tomato puree)
750g vegetable stock (substituted with chicken stock - I used the Maggi stock cubes!)
Basil leaves

Chop the first four ingredients into cubes.
Heat 2 tbps of olive oil, then sweat the onions.
Add in the carrots and zucchinis and cook for 2-3 minutes.
Add in the tomato puree and cook on very low heat.
Add the broth/stock and bring to a boil
Stir in diced tomatoes, simmer over low heat for 10 minutes
Stir in beans and chopped basil leaves, cook for 1 minute
Season to taste.

This chunky soup is great to eat with crusty bread. To beef it up, you can also add a cup of cooked pasta (like bow ties or spirals, cos they're cute) to the soup. It was an almost vegetarian dish...I just couldn't find vegetable stock cubes.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

ICOM Tribute to Classic Rock

ICOM Tribute to Classic Rock
Pentas 2, KLPac
27 April 2013, Saturday

The first ICOM Tribute concert I attended was the tribute to Disney a few years back. It was a light-hearted and fun affair, so when I saw the event listing for this year's installment on Time Out KL*, I knew it was a must-go. I bought tickets for myself, my sister and my dad and we went with Joyce & Nicki. We did not know anyone in the batch (the concert is organized by and performed by ICOM students) but hey, it's a tribute to classic rock lah! Sure good one.

It kicked off with a bang and a vroom - at the beginning of the second song, the deep rumble and roar of a motorbike rang throughout the hall. Before you knew it, a Harley Davidson came creeping out of the backstage in all its glory!

The tribute was divided into three parts - American Rock, Femme Fatales and Brit Rock. Of course lah, keep the best for last. Hohoho. There were different band members for each section, and in the three there were also two exchange students from the Berklee College of Music.

My favorite performances of the night were Walk This Way, Sweet Home Alabama, Barracuda (they always sing this song at American Idol), Stairway to Heaven and My Generation (which I felt should have closed the show - it has a more impactful feel than their encore/surprise performance of Proud Mary, which was also good nonetheless!). Notable lead singers were this dude called Daryl (specky guy) and Amira (the chick with the really long hair).

It was a very shiok concert. No regrets!

*I think the organizers should have pumped in some money towards FB advertising so more people can see it. I would not have heard about the event if I did not visit the TOKL website for Layan Fest, actually.