Saturday, September 21, 2013


1. some days, i get so fed up with everything that i give up on everything. driving. socializing. planning. proper eating. it's like a physical burn out. this is relatively normal for everyone, i believe. after a certain period of optimum physical activity and daily routine, you just get vacuumed in a rut for a short time before your real "living" part of the brain shuts down/burns out. like a "fius" that burns. i can't even find the english word for "fius". is it fuze?

thank you for your concern. i will be fine tomorrow.

2. if you have read the wait but why article about generation y yuppies being problematic (the one that has a stick figure and starts with "this is lucy") which has since been popularized by huffington post (you cannot take everything you read there seriously, just like the real singapore, thought catalogue and elite daily), take some time to read the counter article. i lost track of the real point of the argument but i think it's basically saying cut the crap and stop thinking you're *that* special.

3. the i hate church article that's been circulating around the internet - points taken. i myself have lost sight on what the church is supposed to be - people and relationships. also, if you're reading the full article, please also take effort to consider this comment from a reader named Jill.

4. "life is relationships; the rest is just details" - gary smalley
read this quote earlier this week. it's been stuck with me since. i hate myself for not living this out - because at its essential, life really is all about the relationships you make and keep and sustain. so many times i neglect that and prioritize a million things above it.

5. if i don't spend time with you or make the effort to spend time with you in this season, and you are offended, i apologize.

6. pinterest is going to start promoting pins. greaaaattttt.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cupcakes & Cakes to share

Was just looking through my girliest Pinterest board and found these three lovely ones I want to share with you guys:  

(Click on the link - there's more gorgeous pictures of the set there!)

(The ultimate confetti cake, for a perfect birthday party!)

(Stop being so pretty! These cupcakes are from Suzie Cakes)

Raju's Banana Leaf Rice, Jalan Gasing, PJ

Last Friday, my colleagues and I did this thing I only do once a year: drive out of the office for lunch. (In 2012, it was dim sum in Kuchai Lama) Last Friday, our five minute's drive took us to Jalan Gasing. On the menu: banana leaf rice at Raju's!

The staple at our lunch was a heaping mound of grainy and lightly salted rice, slathered in curry and dhal, coupled with a few vegetable dishes, some poppadum and the extra-special deep fried bitter gourd (which sadly wasn't that great that day). On top of that, we also ordered these amazing side dishes: deep fried sotongs with onion rings, fragrant fried chicken, mutton curry, succulent prawns in spicy sauce and some fried fish. It was a lip-smacking lunch!

The bill for 7 persons came up to RM150 (including countless drinks and two fresh coconuts). 

Raju's Restaurant
Jalan Chantek, Off Jalan Gasing

Image sources:
1, 2: me
3, 4: Li Sing via Instagram.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

hillsong nyc

Source: AP

Hillsong NYC making waves in the community, complete with hotel pool baptisms!
And those neon signages are the bomb.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chye Seng Huat Hardware/Coffeshop

There is a double storey hardware shop on Tyrwhitt Road (a.k.a. Jalan Besar) in Singapore which you must check out if you're in the neighborhood. Its grilled gates suggest that it's a real shop with an operational business. Look closer, enter through the side metal doors and you'll walk into a world unlike any other you'll ever see!

Welcome to...Chye Seng Huat Hardware & Coffee Shop.

Nondescript doesn't even begin to describe this gem of a coffee house. Seating no more than 50 (?) people at a time, this Papa Palheta-owned business took over an existing hardware shop and retained its identity by taking on the name in its reincarnated form. (Papa Palheta is the brains behind some of the uber cool coffee shops in Singapore)

The ground floor houses the main coffee shop (plus ample outdoor seating), and a little further to the back sits The Annex, an "experimental and experiential tasting bar concept" for java lovers. The second floor is home to Tyrwhitt General Store, where you'll be able to find handcrafted and handpicked accessories and knick knacks catering to your hipster whims. (I got my super cute passport cover here!) I believe there is also another experimental lab/coffee bar on this floor, too.

Why you must check Chye Seng Huat out:

1. Because it's awesome.
2. Because they know their coffee.
3. You'll never find something else like this elsewhere!

More images here.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

the good christian music blog

Saw another one of Bryan's epic album review posts and went to check a few out, then got led to this Youtube channel: The Good Christian Music Blog.  Bookmark it!

Here's a song I found in one of their many playlists:

Luff this song. Rainy weather.