Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Week in August 2013

If asked how to describe yourself in three words, and you're lost for words, just look at your Instagram feed. That is your personal publication, showcasing your little milestones and happenings and what catches your interests. Interesting, no?

When I was younger, I saw the music video for Faint and thought, man, I'd want to be in the crowd like that some day, rocking out to LP. And I did.

Linkin Park last Monday night was totally unexpected. I hadn't planned to go up till the very day when someone called up, offering an extra ticket. Of course I said yes! Luckily I was wearing jeans and tee to work that day :P Watching these guys was a dream come true. Did God hear my prayer to watch my favorite childhood band?  Yeahhhh. (When I was 10, Iona used to lock me up in her room after our tuition class to listen to Hybrid Theory because she thought I didn't have any real music education. Her opinions are not unfounded)

(Instavideo, watch here)

#ThrowbackWhenever: I was browsing through my Singapore trip images (from March!) and stumbled upon this pretty shot I took at Books Actually in Tiong Bahru (officially my most fave neighborhood in Singapore). Put it through Whitagram and Instagram and ta-daaa!

I think the prettiness of this picture lies in the Kinfolk magazine there. Fun fact: Kinfolk is an indie-ish publication which I didn't know existed until yesterday. Though I've yet to read any of its issues, I am drawn to their themes. Check out their Facebook page.

Cards I whipped up (thanks to Typo!) for the two interns who left. You cannot get too attached to the interns in the office. Once you've bonded with them, it's always time for them to leave, and you're left with a gaping hole in your heart (and office). LOL. I think I'm too emotional for this kinda stuff.

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