Friday, May 29, 2015

song selection May 2015

Putting some songs here in case I forget about them. Thanks N for introducing me to the first two! 

This song ^ is so 90s but was probably made in the past few years only. Space/psychedelic rock can only be found on BFM so you obvs know where I heard it from.

Ok, yang ini betul2 dari 90s. It doesn't remind me of anything in my childhood though...

How to Answer the Question "What Do You Really Want To Do?"

Today, I was posed the question I feared the most.

The question I fear even more than "How are you?".

The question that I pretend I didn't know the answer to.

The question was,

"What do you really want to do?"

This is similar to a question posed by LS last year, when I told her I was leaving the agency. "Start with the end in mind. Otherwise, you'll find that time will fly by you, and you didn't even get to decide for yourself what you really want."

I really do think this question should be a must-answer for all SPM students. And to receive their SPM cert, they have to answer it legibly, logically and also with no fear for the future. This would seriously help them set a goal for the future and help them to work towards achieving it! As TP would say, "If you don't set a goal for yourself, how would you ever know where or what to work towards?"

That brings me back to one of my ambitions when I was in school. Back then, I did not like [no H8 mate] the education system SO MUCH that told myself I would become an education reformer for Malaysia. I would think of the best method of learning for students, how to make school a more collaborative environment and how to ensure students learned holistically.WOW! I sure had some great ideas then.

Today, I think my dream (well it's not even a dream...just ONE of the many things I envision myself enjoying doing until my interest lasts) is to be a magazine writer. WHAT, A MAGAZINE WRITER? REALLY? NOT EVEN AN EDITOR, AISHA? Yeah.

I've seen the perks that magazine writers get, man. Sponsored fam trips overseas, fine dining, tailored travel experiences, sneak peeks to newest products, goodies and freebies, and even the occasional celeb sighting. So enviable! But of course sometimes writers also get sent to cover weird assignments in less than stellar conditions...but I think the satisfaction of getting a great article published would really push me through all that. Why not editor? Cos editors have to edit other people's writing. Heh.

The question posed is quite hard to answer because the possibilities are ENDLESS, but I realize that if I don't answer that question myself, other people will (yaya I know, you've probably seen that quote on 9Gag before). Someone also told me that before from their own personal experience, and another person posed that question to me earlier this year - and both are way more senior than me in age and life, so I think there is definite value in The Question.

I really do see the importance in asking and answering The Question for yourself every now and then. It's crazy and it's scary, but you have to do it. If your heart is in the right place, I believe God will be for you and with you, whatever your plan is. Correct anot, correct anot.

So, what do you really want to do?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

8 Days to June

Here we are, tumbling into the end of May when MAY JUST BEGAN LIKE, YESTERDAY. Man, this time thing is making me rage panic for no reason. Next thing you know, I'll be sending little Hibiscus Sunshine to her first day of kindergarden!

News items that people were talking about this week/month:

Taylor Swift's Bad Blood Music Video
Tay Tay rounded her posse of unbelievably talented girlfriends to start a "war" with Selena Gomez. They include Lena Dunham, Ellie Goulding and Cindy Crawford.

David Letterman retires
My late father used to watch his shows late at night, when it was still showing on NTV7. Didn't really got the jokes as a kid but watched it anyway since I was up at night LOL.


  • Jared Leto as the Joker
  • MadMen ends its run with an iconic Coca-Cola ad
  • GOT gets fans riled up with an episode

Nobody Wants to Take in the Rohingyas and Bangladeshis in Boats
It's not just an issue between which-country-should-take-in-the-migrants, it's also the longstanding issue Burma has with the Rohingyas - which must be resolved or addressed at a more serious level. As I read, so far, Indonesia and Malaysia have accepted the boat people in for shelter after almost a week of dangerous "human ping pong". Providing shelter for these migrants/immigrants is a HUMANITARIAN thing. It does not condone the act of human trafficking. Just felt like I had to put it out there because a lot of Malaysians wanted them to die in the sea.

No Change to the 6% GST on Pre-Paid Reloads
Pre-paid top up is a serious business in Malaysia. This issue affects the people where it hurts them, because pre-paid is generally used by the lower income segment/migrants.
After GST came into effect, a 6% charge was put on top of your top up (i.e. You pay RM10.60 when you purchase a RM10 top up). Understandably people were upset, as this is not a service thing, and telcos have generally absorbed the 6% tax prior to the implementation of GST.
After a flip flop, the govt. decided that a user will only be charged GST when they use the credit. So you pay RM10 for an RM10 top up, but if you use it, you only get around RM9 worth of credit. 

Yes, this is definitely one of the more "WTF" moments of the month. 

That's pretty much all my 12am braind can think of (I am a morning person). On a personal note, I had a really good Friday night leading up to Saturday night. It must be the people and the fellowship and God, just God, all around.