Wednesday, July 27, 2016

5 minute interview with myself

Q: Why haven't you been blogging?
A: Blogging hasn't been a priority lately. Even more worryingly, I have not been journalling or writing in my diary.

Q: For how long?
A: A very long time! I was surprised at the huge gaps I left since April in my diary. Usually I'd write in my diary at least once a week to update and remind myself of the funny, interesting and unique things that happened.

Q: How does that make you feel?
A: It makes me feel sad, actually. Beyond what I wrote or posted on Facebook (which is quite sparse), I don't really remember what happened in between. What have I made of the time given to me? I had not recorded it and have no way of saying whether I used it well.

Q: Do you know what caused the gap?
A: I think it was life getting in the way, but mostly, because I didn't put it as my priority (You know how people say "I'm too busy to do x, I'm too busy to meet y, I'm too busy to start z"? It's not that they are too busy - it's just that they don't see x, y and z as priority. If you really wanted or had to do it, you would do it, no matter how much or little time you have. The rest are excuses). But I have been facing some mental blocks lately which is very frustrating. I don't know how to overcome it because I don't know if this mental block is real or I just made it up.

Q: What are you listening to on Spotify?
A: OMG I thought you'd never ask! I have this one playlist which I played almost ALL the time I was driving (so like twice a day) and it only has 24 songs. I'm a bit siao like that because when I find a song I like I will listen to it multiple times because I like it, and also because I'm too complacent to find new songs. Spotify will list these as most played: one dance, mome's aloha, goldroom's embrace, flume's never be like you, cheap thrills, pity party, (IKR LIKE WHO HAVE I BECOME i actually considered going for ultra singapore LOL) and billie ellish's ocean eyes (astronomyy edit). I like ocean eyes because it's calm and makes me calm in jams/helps me not to rage drive. kk here you go: