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Style tips I wish I knew when I was 13

I have this one maxi dress from MNG that I love to wear. It never fails to garner a compliment, and I always bore people to death with how I got it at 50% off. I must have gotten it on one of my shopping trips with my mum. Whatever good looks you see me wearing, it’s largely developed by my mum. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I figured out what a good thing it is to go shopping for clothes with her (besides the fact that she pays for the purchases :P). Numerous shopping trips with her has helped me figure out what works or doesn’t for me. Thanks mum!

That aside, here are some style tips I wished I knew when I was 13. 

1. Basics

Underwear, cardigans/pull-overs, tank tops and tube tops should only come in three colors: black, white and nude. You’ll be able to mix and match lots of outfits with tank tops and cardigans in these three colors. Also, get at least one pair of black leggings (which you must wear with tops that cover your butt, because these are NOT pants) and black tights (like leggings, but thinner and more sheer). 

Tip: There's a shop in Sungei Wang Plaza that sells a variety of tights from RM10 onwards. I get mine from there!

2. Jeans & pants

Skinnies, though bad for your blood circulation if worn over a lengthened period of time, have been proven to make you look hotter than you are. A pair of dark-colored jeans can also be overwhelmingly compatible with almost any type of top - fancy blouses, tank top, that camp t-shirt in XXL - so make sure you invest in a good, quality pair. I’ve only tried Levi’s and they work well for me. Great for every day wear and when an event calls for smart casual dress code. 

Pants: black slacks for presentations, interviews and what not. 

Tip: Wash jeans after 3-4 wears, or when it gets dirty. 

3. Tops & Tees 

You are allowed to wear shirts with funny words and quotes on it until you feel you’re too old for that. After that, your t-shirts should only come in neutral colors or patterns or graphics that you like. But you won't be buying much of these because you'll get many camp tees, so invest instead in blouses and a nice denim top! 

Tip: Get a tee in black and white. Can be short or long-sleeved, and will be a life-saver when you don't know what to wear. 

4. Dresses

The cheaper, the better. Make sure it’s not too short (because nobody wears too-short dresses ANYWHERE. I regret getting that RM30 HM one). If getting a maxi dress, stick with neutral colors or stripes - you’ll be able to pair it with various accessories for different looks! 

Personally, I like secondhand dresses and RM15 dresses from Cotton On. But if you’re on bridesmaid duty, splurge on something nicer. 

5. Never try on black dresses.

You will end up buying it, and have fifteen in your wardrobe that you’ll end up wearing once. Black is a universally flattering and slimming color that looks great on anyone, and black dresses are normally cut to fit very nicely. Therefore you will look great in any black dress of any brand and price. 

Bonus Tips
*No article of clothing (with the exception of jeans and underwear) is worth paying full retail price for. Wait for the sale season. 
*Everything in Forever21 is overpriced. Only buy something there if you cannot find it elsewhere. 
*Thrift shopping and bundle shopping is not to be looked down upon. Great treasures have been unearthed at these places. But stay away from underwear thrift shopping, no matter how tempting.
*Students: stick to the budget your parents gave you. 
Working people: Set your own budget. 
*My personal tip: Don't shop unless you have something you really want/need in mind. 

What is one item of clothing you wished you never wore when you were 13? 

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