Friday, November 15, 2013

guzzling gas

I nearly drained my Smart Tag of its value today, beeping through more tolls than I would have if I were to drive down to Port Dickson. The amount of petrol I burned also burned another small hole in the atmosphere, and added one size to my carbon footprint. Above it all, I felt strangely calm. On any other day, I would have been screaming and tearing my hair apart for wasting money and petrol and damaging the environment, but not today - today, I came to terms and embraced the flow of the traffic; I accepted my fate that I am a Klangite wasting half my life driving down to KL for work every weekday.

Maybe one day I will have some bars of gold, quit my job and do the whole "travel the world and discover myself" program that's so popular with the 20s nowadays.

Never mind that we're not content in the first place with where we are and what our journey is, just go and travel, you're gonna find contentment in that foreign land!

No thanks. You gotta learn to find contentment in your daily life, or you'll be finding yourself looking for it everywhere. Know what I mean?

I do love a good discovery, though. 

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