Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pacific Rim: Fun Things

(I watched Pacific Rim the other day. Nothing like a loud and scary movie [to me, anyway - I hate underwater depths and giant monsters of untracable origins] with little character/plot worth to while the evening away! Besides the stunning work done on the graphics, I was also particularly interested in the not-so-subtle nuances of superpowers in the world - see Russia, China, US and Australia throwing in their own Jaegers to defend a territory. Also, Hannibal Chou and the stereotype that the Chinese eat everything under the sun - it's a real likelihood if there were Kaijus! LOL. 

Here are 2 interesting articles I found this week riding on Guillermo Del Toro's newest movie:)

Cherno Alpha, Gipsy Danger, Crimson Something...ever wonder why the Jaegers are given such macho names? Ever wanted to build one of your own?

Thanks to Warner Bros, now you can.

Some awesome minded people have made Jaegers for their own countries, and someone compiled particularly hilarious ones on a tumblr. This one is clever (but I really LOL-ed at Rectal Thermometer)

Also, this mild engineering on how much torque needed to lift just one arm of a Jaeger is pretty interesting: 

And a final interesting fact: Del Toro locked up artists in his mansion for a period of time so they could get together to create the Kaiju (monsters) you see in the movie. Pretty interesting. 

The movie is worth watching. To me, anyway. Watch in IMAX or 2D for optimal experience!

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