Saturday, November 16, 2013

three Instagram accounts i like

Remember the days when some random person would come up with a "30 Day Photography Challenge", and you had to take a photo a day according to the given theme? Eg., Day 1 - My face, Day 2 - My Favourite Food, etc. Those were the days when people tried to coax their inner photographer to shine bright by producing noteworthy images, and even then, some would struggle to find a photo to take a day for 30 consecutive days!

Today, you don't need coaxing to get people to come up with 30 photos in 30 days. They will shove their Instagram accounts into your face. Everyone is taking 50 photos a day, and at least half of it goes to Instagram*. This has led to a glut of photos on the platform, making it difficult to find the really excellent and inspirational poster-worthy shots from the mundane #selfies and #beastmodes.

Today, I want to talk about three of my friends who are using Instagram right.

1. @janleejj

If I had to describe her stream in one word, it would be CAFE. Jan knows what she likes and she knows her subject matter well, resulting in properly composed pictures that tell a story and evoke an emotion when you see it. You'll enjoy following her because each photo has a certain quality and feel to it, all poetic in manner.

2. @darrenarvid

Darren's feed is a mix of teen and photography enthusiast - pieces of daily life and milestones entwined with macro shots of nature and trees. What I really like is that when you see a photo, you can tell that much thought has been put into it from snap to filter to upload. And he appreciates the beauty of each subject matter, treating each with respect as being God's creations. Two thumbs up.

3. @roomeen

This girl, she just joined Instagram a few months ago, but she's already working it like a pro. From her images, she very clearly knows what works and what doesn't, leading to a photostream that has more commercial value than not! So very tumblr ready!

*my own sources

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