Saturday, August 3, 2013

Footwear 101 - The Five Types of Shoes for Every Girl

Whenever I go shoe shopping, I don't. I try to restrict myself to the least amount of shoes possible due to space constraint at home (and also I'm too lazy to take care of them LOL).

Here is Footwear 101 - The Five Types of Shoes for Every Girl!

1. Flats

Oh, my goodness. Are these the best inventions ever, or what? Simple and easy to wear, comfortable to the point of being the next best thing to your pillow, every girl must have at least one sensible pair of flats for every day wear. You can wear them with almost everything - tees+jeans, a summer dress, blouse+leggings combo, and traditional clothes (baju kurung, cheongsam, etc).

Tip: Choose a pair in black - you won't regret it.
Ballet flats that look like ballet shoes make you look extra girly!

2. Sandals

Plenty types available in the market today: gladiator, open-toed, strappy, with a little heel...

I got these above at Cotton On for RM15 almost a year ago. Since then, it's been my go-to pair of shoes for when I can't decide what to wear. (These are the very ones that paired with all my outfits for four days in Singapore!) When the sole of one side almost tore off last month, I brought them to the cobbler, who gave them new soles (ahaha, geddit, new souls?) for RM10. In total, RM25 for a pair of sandals that I wear everywhere and anywhere? Best. Investment. Yet.

3. Sneakers

For some street cred (LOL). It's versatile and it'll make you feel 10 years younger than you actually are, so why not? I like Converse for its iconic look that has changed little over the years, but there's also Vans and Puma to look at.

4. Heels

Heels are a bit tricky. What type you need really depends on your profession/area of study.

I personally rarely wear heels to work, but I do have a pair of open-toed two inch black heels to go with some work/church dresses, and one pair of open-toed four inch black heels for fancy dinners and stuff. Again, black, it's everyone's favorite color for all the right reasons!

The other type of heeled shoes you can try for everyday wear are wedges (which are the most comfortable heeled shoes EVER) and strappy heels.

You shouldn't be wearing four-inch heels every day, because your leg nerves are going to get strained, and you'll put a lot of undue pressure on your tiny toes. And you could trip and fall and tear a hole in your jeans. (happened to me)

5. Slippers

Because they're the coolest things to wear at a pasar malam. And on holidays.

All images from me.

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