Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nature Captured

Image by Ryan Deboodt

The world's largest cave in Vietnam is so huge, it has its own climate and ecosystem. Surreal. Check out a drone-captured video of it here.

Image by GP Orbassano

Image by GP Orbassano

Aren't the photos above gorgeous? So serene, it would make for a good desktop background. 

A newly emerged island was photographed for the first time. How do islands come about? When there's an underwater friction stemming from a volcano. That's why the newly emerged island off the Pacific was still quite hot and smelt like sulfur. Haha hope I'm right with this layman's description. Read the article here

Friday, March 13, 2015

Songs I Shazam-ed this week

The only reason I listen to the radio is because my CD player and USB reader are both spoiled. Radio's not that bad, you guys. In terms of song choices, Red and Traxx take the cake. BFM and Fly have pretty rounded programming that I always fall back to. All the DJs on air are annoying, except for the guys on BFM's Morning Run and Fly FM's Ben and Hafiz. Hehehehe.

I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab for Cutie
There's an eight minute version of this song. Ain't nobody got time for that! Here's the radio edit (4 minutes).

High and Dry - Radiohead
Aaaaand I'm late on the Radiohead wave, too.

Chris Cornell - She Can't Change Me
This song is from 1999. Wow. Never heard of it till last week, and it stood out for me because of the vocals. It kinda sounds like someone from Audioslave or Staind (Okay just did a search, Chris Cornell indeed was indeed the lead vocalist of Audioslave. And he played in what would later become Pearl Jam!). Did a little bit more digging and did you know this guy did some RNB/hip hop thing with Timbaland in 2009? Weird for a rock artist, and weird on the first listen, but I think it works for the song below. This is kinda like what I was saying last week about Paul McCartney going from Beatles to working with rap artists - going beyond your comfort zone and embracing change.


Okayyyyy, that's enough rock history for the week!

You won't believe what went viral on the internet this week!

1. This article on finding it hard to like attending church (shared by 6 of my friends within the span of 24 hours)

2. Obama reading mean tweets about himself on the Jimmy Kimmel show

3. The new MacBook design
Nobody cares about Apple Watch and its three designs - Sport, Edition and regular (Well okay so people are talking about the price tag and saying they should just buy an Omega). But more talkability is on the mediocre update to MacBook's design - thinner, lighter, smaller and an even more compact keyboard. I bet it feels like an iPad with a keyboard.

4. Cinderella live action movie
OMG OMG OMG OMG. Can't wait to watch this. If I can find the time to. T_T
Here is the only place you will be able to see Frozen Fever, the short sequel to Frozen. Also news has emerged - Frozen 2 is in the making!

Okay this week's compilation is pretty low key but it's been a busy week at work, okay :(

Friday, March 6, 2015

4 things my friends were sharing this week on Facebook

1. Michael Keaton & Jimmy Fallon act out Birdman scripts written by kids
Okay so this is actually about a month ago, but it's pretty funny so I'm putting this first. Kids were invited to write a script based on the title Birdman (without actually knowing the story) and the talkshow host and the star of Birdman acted them out. I heard lots of great reviews about the movie from friends so this will definitely be something worth watching.

2. Delhi bus rapist blames victim in prison interview
The treatment of women in India by certain quarters of society is appalling. The perpetrator's comments are as sick as you can imagine, or even sicker. I hope mindsets will change for the better after the Daughter documentary is released on International Women's Day.

3. The Dress
This is an interesting case in the study of how and why things go viral. The Dress became so apparently because it caused a deep divisiveness between the people who viewed them.
Also: This public service announcement (PSA) cleverly using the dress to send a message about violence against women.

4. Jho Low & the corrupted everything
A LOT of my friends were sharing this one piece of news about Jho Low's involvement in 1MDB (I cannot be sure if the above is the article in question). Somebody has some explaining to do. This guy's name is starting to sound as dirty as Taib from Sarawak (google Taib Sarawak and the first suggestion is "Taib Sarawak corruption". Not I say one, Internet and people say one, ok?)
This Says article is also worth reading, having been shared widely as well.