Saturday, October 15, 2016

Aman Resorts I Love

Sometimes, when I need to relax or destress in an instant, I go to my Pinterest board of Places. This is where I pin beautiful places from around the world (mostly hotels and selected villas - I think!), and I just need to take a look and imagine myself at that place to feel relaxed -w-

For the longest time, the above photo was the wallpaper on my phone. I love the beach, and the palm trees, the signature hotel breakfast and the unexpected elephant in the path. So serene! The photo is from Amanwella Resort in Sri Lanka. 

Nice right nice right.

Amanwella is part of the Aman group of resort, which owns and runs properties in various exotic destinations: Bhutan, Greece, China, Japan, etc. Each resort/retreat's architecture and style is rooted in the history and culture of the location it is set in. For example, Amangalla, the other Aman in Sri Lanka has beautiful colonial styled architecture - harking back to the history of the nation, I believe.

I must say, this other Aman property is off the hook: Aman Summer Palace, located "just a few steps" away from the East Gate of Beijing's Summer Palace :O say what!!!

Then there's the collection of five Aman lodges in one of the most secluded nations of the world: Amankora in Bhutan. So secluded I couldn't find much photos of this resort or any of its lodges.

But I must say the first Aman resort I discovered was actually the one in Utah - Amangiri. This would be, without a doubt, one of the hotels I would love to check in to, just for the unique experience and opportunity to say "I've been there".

Closer to home, you will be able to find at least one Aman in Thailand and a few in Indonesia. Amanusa in Bali in particular reminds me a lot of Datai Langkawi - and no wonder, both properties were designed by same famed architect, Kerry Hill.

The collection of Aman resorts around the world, each with a signature Aman touch but also unique to its location and built with world-class architecture, reminds me somewhat of Sekeping properties in Malaysia - but on a larger scale. *contented sigh*

Here's a cheat sheet of all Aman hotels, resorts & retreats: