Sunday, April 28, 2013

ICOM Tribute to Classic Rock

ICOM Tribute to Classic Rock
Pentas 2, KLPac
27 April 2013, Saturday

The first ICOM Tribute concert I attended was the tribute to Disney a few years back. It was a light-hearted and fun affair, so when I saw the event listing for this year's installment on Time Out KL*, I knew it was a must-go. I bought tickets for myself, my sister and my dad and we went with Joyce & Nicki. We did not know anyone in the batch (the concert is organized by and performed by ICOM students) but hey, it's a tribute to classic rock lah! Sure good one.

It kicked off with a bang and a vroom - at the beginning of the second song, the deep rumble and roar of a motorbike rang throughout the hall. Before you knew it, a Harley Davidson came creeping out of the backstage in all its glory!

The tribute was divided into three parts - American Rock, Femme Fatales and Brit Rock. Of course lah, keep the best for last. Hohoho. There were different band members for each section, and in the three there were also two exchange students from the Berklee College of Music.

My favorite performances of the night were Walk This Way, Sweet Home Alabama, Barracuda (they always sing this song at American Idol), Stairway to Heaven and My Generation (which I felt should have closed the show - it has a more impactful feel than their encore/surprise performance of Proud Mary, which was also good nonetheless!). Notable lead singers were this dude called Daryl (specky guy) and Amira (the chick with the really long hair).

It was a very shiok concert. No regrets!

*I think the organizers should have pumped in some money towards FB advertising so more people can see it. I would not have heard about the event if I did not visit the TOKL website for Layan Fest, actually.

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