Saturday, April 23, 2016

a week in april

It's been a long week at work, so let's talk about non-work related stuff.

Weather's been crazy hot lately and the added haze from peat fires don't help. If you don't use air cond while sleeping, like me, you'll sleep on a burning bed and wake up with sweat on your back. Though there was one night this week (Thursday?) where I woke up quite cold. Me gusta.

Started the week off on Sunday night with dinner with my mum at Nando's. Surprising how empty it was - I had always expected eateries to be packed to the brim on weekend nights! "Middle of the month ma, not pay day yet," my mum said. Ahhhh no wonder.

Then we (I) made a big purchase and applied for some financial stuff because it made more long and short term sense than the other financial stuff I was holding now.

In the middle of the week I took up Spotify's RM2 for 3 months of Premium offer and didn't look back. Wow. How did I live with Spotify free before this? How can I go back to free when I've tasted Premium? RM15/month though - to make it worth my $ I'll need to open it at least once a day, every day. #engchoon

Then I bought a float from Pink and Proper. I hope it arrives to the office when I'm at the office and when someone is there to welcome it (no receptionist yet since we shifted to Level 5 three weeks ago).

Basically I used up my 2016 Q1 shopping quota this week :D

Can't wait to unplug for realz next week, ugh. Been cursing SO MUCH and UGH-ing so much at work, it's not funny anymore. Get me a swear jar, please.