Saturday, January 5, 2013

From the Heart: vintage furniture rental

As I mentioned, I love reading about businesses that start from the heart.

Today we take a look at vintage furniture rentals. It's a niche area that I love reading about! If I ever have to decorate my home, I'd fill it with upholstered furniture. Old is gold, yo. (Vintage is normally translated as 25 years or older)

All the rage in hipster weddings (oh, check out this amusing hipster wedding infographic!), vintage furniture can be rented for a fee for engagement photoshoots and actual wedding days, as well as dinners. Some businesses also expand their offerings to include gorgeous dessert and buffet table stylings too.

Sigh. Can I do this for a living someday?!

1. Found Rentals, Southern California

Check out their recent warehouse party
So gorgeous. Can I have a space like that pleaseeeeeeee

2. Tie The Knot, Malaysia

Like Found, they also dabble in engagement shoots (gaaah love the styling!) and nikah ceremonies.

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