Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sekeping Retreats, Malaysia

Last year, I saw a friend Facebook a picture of the most gorgeous glass house in the world (according to me anyway).  After a little digging around, I found out that the whimsical place was called Sekeping Serendah (The Malay word Sekeping means "a piece of"), and is part of the Sekeping series by local architect/landscape planner, Ng Sek San. Read more about him in this NST article. 

I was going to make this a write up of awesome retreat spots in Malaysia you didn't know existed until someone Instagrammed it (starting with Serendah, of course), but I came across the whole Sekeping family and cannot help but dedicate a whole post to it. So here goes!

#1 Sekeping Serendah
Rawang, Selangor

The glass house

This is the Warehouse. Look at all that split-level, open concept awesomeness! You could really sleep under the stars with that glass roof over your head! 

#2 Sekeping Tenggiri
Bangsar, KL

#3 Sekeping Victoria
Georgetown, Penang

#4 Sekeping Kong Heng
Ipoh, Perak

Check out that sick floating bed above!

#5 Sekeping Sin Chew
Pudu, KL

Ugh. Gorgeous. Everything is just so aesthetically pleasing. 
I only wish there was one consolidated website for this Sekeping brand. With hi-res images. And an Instagram and Pinterest account. Just saying. 

If the architecture rings a bell to you, it may be because Sek San was also responsible for the look of KLPac, the rooftop of Lot 10 and the urban jungle of PJ8 (next to Federal Highway & Hilton Hotel). 

Find out more about these Sekeping retreats here:

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