Saturday, January 12, 2013

hipster photobooth backdrop ideas

Hipsteri-fy your party with the ultimate photobooth backdrop!

Every hipster party that is Instagram-worthy comes with a little corner where guests can go trigger-happy and take lots of selcas and photos with buddies. This little corner should have a visually appealing backdrop in cheerful, pop colors or patterns. Not only will your guests recognize that as "the place to take photos", it'll also set the tone for your party!

Here are a few generic photobooth backdrop ideas for you to play around with. 
For ideas on how to make your favorite backdrop, google the name of the backdrop + DIY, i.e. "Crepe curtain DIY"

#1 Crepe curtain

The easiest and the cheapest backdrop to make!
You can make a 6ft long one in under an hour, with about 6 rolls of crepe paper. I made one for my cousin's wedding with scissors, staplers and a length of string :) 
And yes there was a hashtag for the wedding :P 

#2 Tassel garland

Mmmkay this is a bit tricky. I think it will be a bit harder to DIY and you gotta source for different materials (crepe and that shiny paper). It'll look GREAT anyway you hang it, though! (The ones below are from Confetti System, so hipster) 

Did you see Cotton On's year end deco? They used the exact same garlands, I couldn't take my eyes off it!

#3 Sequin backdrop

The crazy talented people of Oh Happy Day came up with this very neat, very shiny idea. Quite expensive but it adds that glamourous touch to your party!

#4 Balloons

So whimsical, so expensive! 
Fun fact: did you know that helium is a resource that's fast depleting?

#5 Paper pinwheels

Another cheap backdrop, this will be slightly more challenging than the crepe curtain (but still manageable lah - it's just two chinese paper fans stuck together!) 

These should be quite gorgeous in three basic colors and varying sizes. 
Go OTT if you must:

#7 Bunting/Flags

Ah, good ol' bunting/flags. I could spend my whole life churning out fabric and paper buntings.

Now that you know the secret to a mesmerizing backdrop, which would you go for? 
Don't forget to mix and match for one crazy backdrop! 

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