Monday, December 31, 2012

bzzzt 2012

Reading Renee's super awesome 2012 recap made me think back on this year for myself too :D

Okay, I am beyond blessed. Here's just some of the highlights of this year:

- Got that scroll with ma fwens ohh yeah
- Turned the "glamorous" 21. Hello taxes!
- Had a life-changing experience at Manila Missions
- Visited 2 new countries! :) Indonesia & Philippines
- Spent more time with a NEW CELL! :O I'm loving it!
- Learning and growing at my job :)
- Gave up something significant

In a similar vein, here's what I got in mind for 2013. You know what they say...if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Also, with the lack of formal education and the goal of scoring in exams, I find my life a little less intellectually challenging. You know, it's rather depressing for a nerd like me.

- Get a certificate. (Maybe in natural disaster crisis management, Joyce told me about that once and it sounds really applicable in today's time)
- Learn how to file my taxes!
- Elyon Malaysia Tour 2013 & Elyon Concerts 2013. God be with us!
- Visit one other new country. Taiwan, Vietnam or Korea :)
- Spend more time with people instead media
- Learn & grow more at my job & work at a career instead of a job! (no worries boss, i'm not quitting anytime soon LOL)
- Learn to Matt 16:24

Mmmkay since you've read till the end here's a derpy face for you. (I love giving derpy faces on the Innernet. That way no one can blackmail me with an unflattering picture of myself)

Happy new year!

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