Saturday, January 5, 2013

dishwashing revelations

I like to have my quiet time with God when I do the dishes. It's quiet, repetitive and I can pour out what's on my mind with him.

Just now as I listened to Page CXVI's version of Rock of Ages (it's most likely a hymn, but I've not heard it sung before) I was struck by this part of the song:

Nothing in my hand I bring, 

Simply to the cross I cling. 
Naked, come to Thee for dress; 
Helpless look to Thee for grace. 
Foul, I to the fountain fly; 
Wash me, Savior, or I die

Give me Jesus or I die. Sounds stupid but it's the truth stripped bare. I die without Jesus! The unending, crazy love he has, I hope you'll experience one day so you can sing that with as much conviction.

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