Sunday, September 30, 2012

YAF Retreat 2012: Legacy

Just got back from Legacy. It was a great weekend away.

The roughly 25 of us spent three days at Kinta Valley Hotels & Suites, which will also be Grace PJ Youth's camp venue later this year. Neat place, very new and great location too!

I now understand a little bit more why young adults do retreats more than camp. RETREATS ARE SO RELAXING! And they deserve it because after months of work and work, all you wanna do is let your hair down and chill. (Also when you're younger you have more hyperactive energy to run around to get as many GY currency as you can)

They specially invited Pastor Henry to share for two sessions (three, if you count the morning watch/morning prayer) and for that, you know it's gonna be worth while. He is a really gifted speaker on many topics and always has the cutest jokes. Over the weekend, he shared about his own legacy of Grace - this year celebrating its 40th anniversary - and shared the secret of being a successful Christian.

Do you want to know the secret?

Start your day and end your day with God. Prayer and reading the Bible.

Overall, it was a fun retreat where everyone knew everyone and the only thing I wished for is for it to be longer. And yes, the two bus breakdowns, I don't mind them too. It only gave us opportunity to chat and another transport problem for the YAF Retreat history. Hehe!

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