Sunday, September 9, 2012

our 1 year anniversary

I'm so glad they don't judge me for this. LOL!

It has been, almost on the dot, a full year of being in the workforce. Yes...I cannot comprehend how time smacked my face so quickly I didn't feel a thing. Goodness gracious. Maybe it's the way I think - like, you are what you think.

My thoughts on being a member of the society as a working person for the past one year:

The good: I enjoy this different social setting. I enjoy making a living. I enjoy the company and the things I've learnt thus far, making me a too-good smarty pants.

The bad: I'm spending less time with family*. I've not developed any additional skill set beyond that which I've learnt at church. I'm afraid I'm not making a life.

Ugh girl. Why do you have to complain about everything? Just accept the fact that with everything, there is good and bad, and successful people know how to balance the two! 

A crapload of news articles state that fresh graduates nowadays are less faithful to their employers and are willing to hop to another job at the drop of a hat if the prospects are better there. Loads of these Gen Ys are also giving the reason that they're fast learners who can do so much more than is expected of them, and thus want better opportunities and more recognition for what they do. I used to think this way too, until I read an article on Relevant (sorry can't find the link!) from a Gen X-er that really set me down for the hard facts: No. Privileged as we are, we still have to work for the experience. And sorry to say, experience isn't something our instant-grat culture can provide! "There's no app for that."

That's the truth, yo. No syllabus or textbook taught me that. College education, you disappoint. In all fairness, I think a leader did mention a crux of this issue at a meeting last month - "We need to teach the young ones to say NO. We have been obsessed with change and changing to keep up with them. It's time to tell them to stop changing so much, that it's time to develop whatever skills that they have in hand!"

*This may be a good thing, cos I appreciate any time I spend with them more, now!

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