Sunday, September 9, 2012

DIY ombre hair

Not sure if frugal, or hipster.

I bought a box of Hi-Bleach hair dye this evening. I have been planning to dye my hair ombre (gradient) for quite some time now. Like, three days. I was too lazy to spend two hours at a salon (and a hundred bucks) so I settled on DIY!

So I followed a video on YouTube for the DIY. It didn't really turn out 100% the way it should - and I think it's because of my impatience, hah! You're supposed to dye the tips first, rest, rinse, then dye the tips + a little higher than that for the ombre effect. 

This is how the ideal ombre hair is supposed to look like:

source via pinterest

I'm not comparing mine and that, that was done by a color correction specialist!

I'll show you mine when I see you! :)

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