Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekends and Rubber Bands

Last Sunday, after dance practice, Manisha came to me and showed me her shoes with the soles gone all alligator-y. You know - the bottom is unhinged from the base and goes all flip-flappy.

So I took two rubber bands that have been hanging on my wrist since 11am (more on that later) and tied two rounds on each of her shoe. Industrial usefulness at its best!

Why did I have two rubber bands hanging off my wrist the whole day? Well, I was on duty that morning and had to wear my uniform - yes, the ones with the loose sleeve bands. I always "wear" a pair of bands to keep it from slipping off! And after changing out of my uniform, I'll keep them on my wrist till I get home. But it was a very busy Sunday and I didn't even had the time to go home, haha - and it proved useful in the end!

This whole week I have been (and am) looking forward to the weekend - because it's the first weekend I'll be away from Klang, to Kinta Valley! I'll be joining the YAF to their 2012 retreat, and I have a feeling that (although I'm one of the youngest/newest additions to the group) I won't be the youngest there. Woohoo!

Tomorrow night, practice for Grace's 40th Anniversary. I love to prepare for presentations. It's time consuming and exhausting and stressful but it's always SO MUCH FUN.

Oh, which reminds me - I should probably get packing for the weekend now. I am notorious for packing ahead of time - if I had a choice, 5 days in advance would be great. But now that time is not on my side, I find packing in 2 days' notice just fine. Also I like to procrastinate nowadays.

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