Sunday, August 26, 2012

ranting on wages

(I think about this once in a while but I make sure to not let myself be consumed by this matter. I hope from reading this you get a clue on whatever it is you want to get a clue on!)

I'd like to own a piece of property someday. A car would be nice, but it's not a solid investment.

I'd like to have a house. And I'd plan to fill and decorate it with things and stuff that'll help the people around me make their own space and experiences in it. Ooh!

But with the property prices rising, and at a very disproportionate rate to my wages, I see it very highly unlikely I'd be able to get the house (or even apartment!) of my dreams in my lifetime. Realistically speaking - it would take forever to pay for the house! Even the stamping fee etc (the miscellaneous expenses you'd have to pay if you want to purchase a property) would cost close to a year's salary. Yes, people. You have to pay to before you can buy a house.

(But what about bank loans? They're depressing because that's just another bill to pay every month and just about the only realistic way you can own a house)

And that's not all, either. I don't plan to move out anytime soon because I've actually calculated how much it would cost to live sustainably in the city (minus treats and extravagance) and it's so mind-boggling - I'd have almost no savings - I don't even want to open that book anymore.

Going further into this how-much-you-earn matter, I have determined that it would be impossible for me to get married to someone earning the same as me. To top it off, if we were to own two cars, one house and was expecting a child, and to avoid living on credit, we'd have to earn a combined salary that's so astronomical I don't even want to put it down on this blog! (And that's assuming that I would be working while expecting! If I did not work, put that figure to his monthly wages)

This is serious stuff, kids. Financial matters is not a laughing matter. (Haha, wordplay!)

God, give us wisdom and discernment and self-control!

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