Sunday, August 5, 2012

my iphone repair service experience - a rare tale of good service

so something happened to my phone yesterday night and i was at an absolute loss. i admit i am addicted to tech (and it's really bad i know but i like it and i bet you do too so there) - and more than that, i actually use it to create and compound my life - you could say it almost controlled my life! so you see its significance and can feel my pain when i say it went blue screen on me yesterday night.

man i was so sad. but i had to deal with it cos it happened already mah. not like can die wan, right? haiyo drama so much for what. can fix wan.

after publicizing my predicament on facebook, a friend told me i could get it fixed at a shop in centro klang, so off i went this afternoon. i spent two hours there while two guys attached three different new LCD screens to it. while there, they also changed the front camera, had a problem with the back, tried it out with two other cameras and got it fixed. for those of you who are curious on the cost of saving outdated technology, the total came up to RM455.

what i liked was the people at the repair centre. they were friendly and spoke good english and were amused when i introduced myself (note to self: introducing self as aisha gets discounts, haha!). also the boss showed me a box of cracked iphone screens they repaired. so interesting. definitely one place i'll be going back to, should the phone decide to kill itself again, simply because of the great service.

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