Saturday, August 11, 2012

blogging is dead

blogging is a dying art. a lot of people may disagree and a lot will agree but this is what i think. blogging is a dying art.

nobody wants to sit down and READ about your day. they want to scroll through images and SEE your day. it's a visually-driven world. attention span is getting shorter and we all want things, and we want things NOW. (instagram > blogger. sorry google, you made the wrong purchase)

likewise - nobody wants to sit down and think about what to write. they want to take a picture (cos it'll last longer) and let it speak a thousand words.

i am sad that nobody wants to write (cos then i have nowhere else to stalk). sure, you can consume all the information you want, but when will you yourself produce valuable, meaningful content for consumption?


  1. THIS. Pretty much THIS. I really have nothing else to add because you've just hit all the nails on all the heads. The attention span in particular - my posts are long ass and I always feel like no one reads what I have to write anymore (with the exception of maybe three people, if that) and that definitely gets down on the motivation to produce anything. I think I will keep blogging, just for my own pleasure (and for your stalkerage purposes).

  2. Gosh I can't agree more! Wordy stuff is still very important to me somehow and I do feel that sense of lost for its devaluation. :( I'm always hunting for blogs to read online also and the first place I come to is yours :DDDD so keep going, I really like you and everything you write.

    P.S. Ask Dee for my tumblr url so you can utilize it all you want! *wink wink*