Monday, August 20, 2012

gotta go to glastonbury

With the Olympics around, I've read at least three or four different articles talking about the drug-like benefits of music. How some athletes pump themselves up with a certain type of music during practice, before a match and all that.

Music is a substance. It's a drug, minus the negative side effects. (Which kinda explains why some people listen to a song endlessly after a break up. It helps!)

This week I wanted to buy Urbanscapes 2012 tickets, but found out the early bird ones have been sold out, so I deferred purchase till a reasonable time. (Sigur Ros for USD50, are you kidding me??)

Speaking of music fests, I always like the line-up at Glastonbury. I'll probably never make an effort to attend, unless someone pays me to go there or sends me there on assignment, so Youtube will have to do.

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