Saturday, April 26, 2014

What We Ate in Bangkok

If you are a hardcore foodie going through this list, I bet you're thinking "WHAT ON EARTH ARE THESE GIRLS DOING?! Why aren't they trying the best street food in Bangkok?!" And yes I agree with your sentiment! I have to go back again, purely for the little piggy sausages. But our trip was one centred on shopping, hence a lesser focus on food was needed to compensate for the shopping overdrive. (Malaysians, Soap and Glory is so cheap in Thailand T_T)

1. Feast at Kalpakruek, Central World

Okay, so this isn't really a feast, but it was as close as we got to one!

Clockwise from top left: Tom yum goong, kangkong belacan, spicy fried pork fat (SO GOOD) and green curry chicken.

The place is beautiful, the menu is gorgeous - looks like a Pinterest board and puts most menus to shame - but the food is a meh for me. Except that plate of fried pork. YUM.

2. Pork Stew with Rice

Having this reminded us of Bah Kut Teh. The firm pork flesh and the sinfully melty fat in its own stew was a delicious meal, made balanced with half a hard boiled egg and some blanched vegetables!

3. The 7-11 Feast

Okay so it's a small feast...but it was filling. All the food you see here was from the 7-11 below our hotel, with the exception of the weird curry. The packed food in 7-11 is a marvel to behold! Beautifully packed and prepped food, heated on request and ready to be eaten anytime. Everything was 20-40 baht (RM2 to RM4). So cheap.

4. Chatuchak Chow

The food in Chatuchak is more expensive than hawker food in Singapore. The green curry I had (suuuuperrrrrr good, finally something spicy in Thailand!) cost 60 baht (RM6), so expensive loh! I can get the same in SG for SGD4.

Nah but Chatuchak is touristy area so I guess it's valid for them to sell so expensively...I guess.

Oh! I had the iced tea and iced coffee here too. (See number 8)

5. Sugar Overdose at Mr. Jones' Orphanage, Siam Square

Mr. Jones' Orphanage is this wonderful cake/dessert shop that has nothing but the best-decorated cakes you'll ever lay your eyes on.

Unfortunately, we reached around 6pm and the cake display was...meh. We tried the Oreo Pizza, Kit Kat cake and the Ferrero Rocher cake. The pizza was a combination of meringue and crushed oreos, the two other cakes were disappointingly warm and shared pretty much the same dry chocolate cake base (possibly from being put out for so long).

But it did deliver in the sugar rush, so...

6. After You, no, after you! 

The monstrosity above is the Shibuya Toast at After You, a very popular yuppie dessert house that you can find scattered in BKK.

The big black square you see is a loaf of chocolate bread or cake (we couldn't decide), and the two scoops of vanilla ice cream had honey drizzled on it. There's that dollop of whipped cream and some chopped pecans and peanuts for a little crunch.

7. Roast

Roast came highly recommended. It's a little glasshouse cafe that overlooks a small road, with plenty of hipster furnishings and a wreath chandelier or three hanging around. There's a bakery attached to the cafe.

They serve pasta, sandwiches, breads, coffees, etc and a very cute iced latte - the coffee essence is first frozen into ice cubes so you don't get a watered down latte. Pinterest come to life!

8. Errday I'm Snacking

  • Coconut ice cream - icy shavings of coconut ice cream, accompanied by bits of coconut flesh, peanuts and other toppings, with a little bit of santan. Or was the santan in my head. Hmm. Delicious!
  • Mango sticky rice - this stuff is more expensive than I expected! 70-100 baht for a serving of sweet-savory sticky rice and the sweetest and most divine mangoes you'll ever have. WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH SWEET MANGOES, THAILAND.
  • Little piggy hotdogs - juicy, aromatic pork hot dogs on a stick. Better than Taiwanese sausage *flies away* 20 baht
  • Fried chicken - Iona said if you see this on the roadside, just grab and eat. I did. #noregrets 
  • Iced tea/iced coffee - drinks in jumbo-sized cups, 90% ice, 10% drink of choice. 40 baht.

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