Saturday, May 3, 2014

Find your traits and talents in one simple* quiz

*simple but admittedly very lengthy

Hmmm, this test is not bad. It's a snapshot of your traits and personalities at this moment in time. 

I'm not at all surprised at the high tendency of leading, self-confidence ease in public - I think I've had this ingrained in me for a long time now, at work and out of work. You can call me bossy pants. (on second inspection, these traits of mine seem handy to organise a night out with friends ;D)

Two traits that I did not expect were the low tendency of creativity and determination. I normally consider myself to be a pretty okay person when it comes to creativity and getting stuff done, but I guess when I answered certain questions in the test, I had some troubling things on my mind. Coupled with a low vision, this leads to bad stress management - how interesting! 

A closer look at this would reveal that the creativity here refers to the amount of ideas I can use in my work, as opposed to sticking to a set methodology in getting work done. 

My rough estimate - there's about 100 questions to answer. Might be lesser. Each question comes with two possible answers. 

It's a good test to figure out where you exhibit the most strength and talent. There's also a detailed explanation/summary at the end of the test, which is helpful should you want to have something to talk about yourself at a job interview. 

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