Saturday, April 26, 2014

H o n e y c o m b

Days have been busy. It's a blur of to-do lists, starting reports, completing decks, solace in lunch time and driving on auto-mode. I don't know when life got this busy! But hey, while I am still young, and have the capacity, energy and resources to do it - bring it on. (While leaving work today [a Friday night!] I suddenly wanted to work more. Crazy.)

The photo above was taken in a Soi in Bangkok. My friends and I were trudging onwards of 1km (unheard of in our daily lives in Malaysia) to look for a coffee place. I spotted this rough-looking, wooden exterior shop below a network of honeycombed grilles and had to take a photo while they marched onwards! 

Oh Bangkok. I must talk about it one day. 

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