Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas 2012 for me...

Merry Christmas to the four readers of this blog! 


Facebook has new features for their uploading photos function. I just realized that after updating it not too long ago, hah! Twitter also has these funky filters. Ugh, everyone is totally trying to be Instagram. You like the pic above? It went through an FB filter :D


Ps. Phil said that Jesus had the lowliest birth of ALL births. If you think about it, isn't it true? This baby, SON OF GOD no less, was born in a manger/stable! That's where animals live and stuff! How lowly could God himself have entered the world. Food for thought. 


So if you all don't already know, my whole agency was given a week off work *thank you Jesus thank you boss* until 2013. It's pretteh awesome. Though I still have to work a little every half an hour each morning. Not complaining :) I'm gonna savor every moment of this week off and:

- go for an overdue facial
- open that CIMB bank account I meant to open for the past half a year
- do stuff

Starting with finishing Harmony Silk Factory. I'm nearly two thirds done and there's still zero mention on the actual Factory -.-"

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