Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dip VS. Immersion

(Kay, just unloading some good songs here so I don't forget about them. I probably will forget about them once I hit "publish", though)

Secular emo songs are great to emo in, whatever your reason for emo-ing. 

But after you're done wallowing in that shallow pool of self-pity (was that a pun or an ironic statement? Help, guys!), go immerse yourself in some Jesus! Love deep as the sea, broh. How can you say no to that? Plus, grace is unmatchable! And it gives you a good night's sleep, unlike any other. 

Wicked Game - James Vincent McMorrow

Letters from the Sky - Civil Twilight

(Side note: What movie is this, man? Malaysia is mentioned! And the soundtrack is like 100% indie!)

Jesus Culture - You Won't Relent

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