Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bane wallpaper and other things

I hate blogging only on weekends. It's like a whole week's worth of events crammed into Saturday, and the clearest memories are those of Fridays, which are always rushed and uneventful!

I like having Bane as my wallpaper. Possibly my favorite villain of 2012. Bane, Tom Hardy, it's all the same to me. (Yes I know you love Joker more - but they're both in different villain leagues, so stop comparing!)

(source unknown)

This week I also finished reading another book - Anchee Min's Empress Orchid. Thanks Nina for lending, and eventually giving it! It's a refreshing read. Again, a really good style of writing that's easy to consume. It's based on the true story of China's (first? and possibly) last empress. Ugh I love that feeling of finding a book you actually want to read and can't wait to finish reading. 

This week was also my first time at a karaoke, with the agency. We went to Red Box at The Gardens for a mediocre dinner buffet (OHMAGASH CHOKERLERT GANARSHE) and then belted out hits. Of course we did Gangnam Style, are you kidding me?? 

And I officially declare 9 November every year as Make a Fool of Yourself by Being an Ass to a Facebook Brand Page Admin Day.

Okay okay enough of work stuff.

I'm going to Bubba Gump tomorrow with ma buddies! :D Happeh times.

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