Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Your Job: Survival or Satisfaction

I must thank the Lord for reviving within me the want to read. I've been an avid reader as a kid but lost the want to read after college. Recently, a friend said she couldn't sleep without reading a few pages - and that's very inspiring! Nerdy, but inspiring!

The second book (if I remember correctly) that I finished reading this year is one that I stumbled upon in a box at the youth hall's store room. You know, one of those random boxes seemingly owned by someone, left behind in a random store to collect dust until one day, someone (who's not looking for anything in particular in that store) sees it along with other books.

Okay, I found this book along with other books in the second hall's store room. Though the cover was really old-timey (dated to 1970s?), I picked it up and read through the synopsis at the back. It was interesting enough, so I took it along with me and started reading. AND GOT HOOKED. (I couldn't finish this book fast because it required some digesting)

Written by an ex-US Air Force member who left his job to do God's work in the mission field, Your Job: Survival or Satisfaction answered almost all my questions about entering the working life.

As you may or may not know I entered the work scene in the last year. 

It is a BIG change from a student to a working life. And along with the transition, I had many doubts and questions I carried in my mind which I brought up nearly every week - whether with myself, my family or God. Nobody seemed to have the answer to my queries.

The thing is, I struggled for quite some time with the idea of a desk job. (Which is why if you ask my co-workers they'll tell you I like to move around the office when I work) From going around town every day doing whatever that was needed, going for classes, fetching my siblings and parents here and fro, to sitting down 8 hours a day looking at a screen - it's a drastic change that nobody prepared me for.

Thank God He spoke to me through this book (No I did not hear his audible voice while reading it. I would pee in my pants if he did). God really placed this book in my path at the right time. If I had not gone into the youth store room that day, I would not have known about this book - because nobody recommended it to me! And it has just the things that I needed!

Some things I gleaned off Jerry & Mary White's writings:

1. Labor is good. Any labor that is lawful and ethical is HOLY, ordained by God, whether manual labor or non-skilled. There is no distinction (of labor classes and such) in the eyes of God.

2. It is said that man should WORK for his KEEP, i.e. work for a living. He/she should spend most of their waking hours laboring and setting forth to do profitable/fruitful things.

3. If you don't have peace at your job it's probably because you have doubts if you're in God's will for you.

4. Know clearly the reasons why you want to earn money. A materialistic outlook can quickly gain foothold if not kept in check!

5. In all decisions, you must weigh it well, against all other criteria also - family, economy, etc.

Note: The only thing I am boasting of here is the goodness of God in leading me through all this. He's put so much into my life, I feel it is only right that I talk about it. It's the least I can do :)

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