Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I just want to take a moment...

...to thank God for everything He has blessed me with, and I don't deserve the smallest bit of it. *sigh of relief*

If you think girls are talkative, wait till you see the boys. When hanging out with a bunch of girls I find that there will always be a bit of moment of silence in between where we'll use the time to take in and digest what was said, but with boys ah, like a bullet train.

Last Saturday night, A, B and I spread some towels on the sand to watch the night sky. Littered with countless of stars in the seemingly endless sky above us, with the unnaturally bright moon hovering above us (found out later it was a supermoon), the startlingly beautiful night was interrupted by the occasional jiwang Malay rock songs from the battle of the bands down the beach. It was one of our first times seeing so many stars in the sky. The first and only time I saw more stars than that night was at Peace Haven back in 2007 - what a beautiful piece of heaven we saw on the last night of camp! Lying on the tarred roads, facing the full view of the black, dark night sky, dotted with every bit of star imaginable, shivering like twigs in a storm because it was so cold - absolutely memorable and breathtaking. (Beaches and mountains are great places to view the night sky because of its distance from city lights and the absence of tall buildings in the vicinity.)

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