Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Double standards

Only a really lost Christian would think that they are flawless and therefore above all others. It's shocking and saddening how I always advocate second chances-God is a god of second chances; He allows U-turns; don't be sad when you sin, just come back to Him-but I can be so harsh on those who (at least, in my mind), when holding themselves to a standard, suddenly decide to fall and hurt not only themselves but those close to them as well. I know no man is immune to making mistakes, but God's slowly showing me stuff beyond that, too-I've got to give them the benefit of the doubt. Receive them back with open arms and no judgement for their past and what they've done. Because if God tells us to receive those who don't know him with open arms and warm hearts, why is it that we can't do the same to those in the body of Christ who've fallen away? (this post may not make sense to all of you, but if it does makes sense to you, know that no one knows what one other person is going through. Don't be too quick to judge)

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