Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Resolution

If I don't set a goal to work towards, I will be aiming at the air and accomplish nothing noteworthy. If I set a goal, no matter how small or insignificant, I will at least have made the effort to reach it.

I hope to...

Learn to cook one new dish a month! It can be as simple as a slow cooker/crock pot meal or a new pasta, or a no-bake dessert.


Because I don't cook very often. If I do, it's instant noodles and a fried egg or pasta and Campbell soup for dinner. Basically, rarely anything that involves cleaning up. If I learn to cook something this month, at least I know I can cook and do something useful other than sleep in and sit around on Saturdays! Bahaha.


So far, I've found a few interesting recipes and meals that do not call for an oven or too foreign ingredients like saffron or truffles (anything that has two F's is very expensive) or vanilla pods. Here they are:

-Minestrone soup
-Shrimp fra diavolo (a spicy shrimp pasta dish)
-Crock pot French onion soup
-Peanut butter ice cream pops

Let's hope I get to cook something come this weekend! (Y)

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