Thursday, April 18, 2013

asking questions

Most nights, I will be thinking of this topic and that topic that I can blog about. Most nights, these thoughts wither by midnight -.-" Oh well. At least I'm not the only one with selective, filtered blogging habits.

"A writer who doesn't read is no writer at all." My own quote. Alas, my own obnoxious quote. Good bye.

When people ask me "How's work?", I tend to rewind and delete everything in my mind that happened at work. I don't know why, but I guess it's because I don't want to share about my work with everybody. If I like to talk about my work to you, you're probably one of the five or six people I regularly talk with about my work. If I answer your aforementioned question with "Fine," or "Work's great!" it just means I have more pressing matters to talk to you with.

I sincerely enjoy finding out what subjects people are taking up this semester. It tells so much about what they are studying. Sure, chiropractic and business are pretty straightforward - but analyzing the subjects they're taking is much more fun than asking "When's your finals, ah?"

In the same manner, I also enjoy asking (probing? LOL) others about their work. I like to know their hours, ongoing projects, chances for career advancement and car installment payment. Also whether or not they're looking to get a property anytime soon. While I'm talking on that, please get a property soon. Prices are not going to decrease, you know that full well, and if you're spending half your salary on shopping each month, you might want to consider putting that amount to get you and your family a home.

You know how they say turning 21 is a big deal, because you've gained your independence by then, and are considered an adult? Well. I tried to make a big deal out of turning 21, but it's just not as big a deal as today, when I received my tax income thingamajig form.

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