Saturday, November 1, 2014

Meritus Pelangi Langkawi Resort Breakfast

One of my very favouritest things while on holiday (not backpacker holiday) is the hotel breakfast. It goes without saying that when I arrived at Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa on Langkawi, I had to indulge in every area of the breakfast...

(Sorry for overdoing the warmth on the editing, teehee)

As you can tell, my favourite part is actually the western/continental breakfast part. Spice Market serves mediocre sausages, pancakes, faux bacon, no waffles, no hash browns, omelettes that are more like fried eggs and condiments than omelettes. But their croissants are buttery and warm, and I had four raisin danish rolls each day.

Asian breakfast - nasi lemak condiments but no actual nasi lemak spotted. Some chapatti and curry, porridge station and a noodle station. I like that they had a small section for Japanese breakfast, where there was always rice (plain white rice, sorry), a stew-dish and a fried-cake-dish. That was cute!

Although the two types of cold cuts were boring, at least there are cold cuts. There's also a platter of cheese hunks (mostly cheddar I think?) next to it. Next to this was at least 5 salad options and a lot of toppings like compote, apricot and walnuts.

Plenty of fruit juices for you to choose from, as evidenced from one of the photos above, as well as a special canister (you'll have to hunt this one down near the yogurt area) of freshly-squeezed juice! On Sunday it was watermelon, on Monday it was honeydew. Both times I had at least three small glasses.

Overall, variety was smaller than I expected. Still an okay breakfast joint :)

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