Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Dinner at Porto Romano, TTDI

For K's bachelorette weekend, we had dinner at Porto Romano at TTDI. Here's a food diary of the things we ate!

The Albanian Village salad is something you can create at home. Cubes of feta cheese and cucumber, tiny wheels of olives and onions on tomato wedges drizzled in a light, olive oil-based dressing. A nice and light opener for the next dishes.

Aglio olio with lamb slices, an October special. Well-marinated and tender lamb discs which everyone enjoyed, together with the oily and only slightly spicy spaghetti strands.

Pizza margherita, a thin crust pizza simply topped with melted cheese. As delicious as it sounds! Eaten up quickly because cold pizza sucks!

Seafood paella. Mussels, prawns and squid on a bed of red-colored rice. Each spoonful of the rice brought to our tastebuds a taste of the sea, balanced with the stark tartness of the tomato. I'm not a fan of the peas hiding inside there though, totally put off the texture of the dish (mushy plus more mushy). A crunchy vegetable would have been a better alternative, perhaps?

(No photo! Gone in a flash) Salmon ravioli. 5 salmon pillows sitting in a warm broth. Tasted quite fishy but edible all the same, filling was too mushy for my liking though :P

Tiramisu, when it's well done, is sublime. This barely made the cut because of the excessive use of cream. The only saving grace is perhaps the espresso-soaked lady fingers, which was hard to taste under all that cream. Also...I don't recall Tiramisu recipes calling for a mountain of cocoa powder as topping! (Luckily, the one I had at Italiannies the next day was suuuuper nice and made me forget about Porto Romano's...until I had to write this blog post -.-")

I would come back for the pizza and maybe to try the other pastas. And definitely come back for the environment, it's quite quiet and lightly-lit enough for a nice evening.

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