Saturday, October 4, 2014

Where we stayed in Singapore: Rendezvous Hotel Singapore (Suite)

In March 2014, I went to Singapore for work and it was fun. Yes. Singapore can be very fun! You just need to know where to go! We put up at Rendezvous Hotel Singapore, which is located in the Bras Basah district, also known as the hub of arts, history and culture in Singapore.

Side note: I love Bras Basah. National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, 8Q@SAM, the Bras Basah MRT (one of the most unique architectures), and everything within walking distance...what a dream! No wonder Singapore Night Festival makes this precinct its base each year! 

Just a little bit about the hotel: It used to be Grand Rendezvous Hotel or something, then Far East bought them over. A little refurbishment and a little rebranding and RHS came about! The lobby area is small and you'll have a hard time orientating yourself, since the main entrance...isn't really it's main entrance.

Once you're in, there's a nice vibe to the place that greets you. Sorta like a cool bar kind of feel.

There were three of us in our group, so they put us in a Suite :D

We had a king sized bed (I think, I don't know, it was huuuuge and so comfy) and a rollaway bed/couch that served as a third bed. That one was a bit tough and bony :( but still ok. The entrance is on the right of this image (that door there) and the toilet is just beyond the screen.

Here's the toilet. It came with French Connection toiletries, a bathtub and a view. See the domed structure in the view? That's the National Museum of Singapore! So beautiful, you could even see bits of its lawn through the window.

My only grouse is that they didn't reflect the toiletries to the number of people staying in the suite, on top of having to wait almost the whole day for it.

So. much. comfy. 

My favourite hotel meal of the day is breakfast. Regular patrons head to Straits Cafe on the ground floor. If you have Club benefits, you go to the lounge for breakfast. There were western and eastern options but nothing to shout about. The view of the outside from this circular area was very pleasing, though. It faced the main road of Bras Basah. 

If I had to rate this stay, 3/5. I've seen reviews of the suite in other blogs and those seem more up to date than ours. But it was still a nice stay, comfortable and convenient, especially if you're on an arts-and-history-filled itinerary! Maybe one day I'll share a walking trail of Bras Basah :)

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