Saturday, August 23, 2014

three songs about God

(I originally wanted to call this post three christian songs, but then it got me thinking, what constitutes a christian song? Does it have to be baptized in the river of harmony? Does it have to take a communion of melody and lyrics? Then I realized that trying to pretend I can make puns might get me in treble, so...)

1. Oh! Great is our God! by The Sing Team

Love love love this song. It's the kind of song that makes you smile for a long, long time. 

2. What Does It Sound Like (Without Words) by Bethel Music 

I love this song. When I hear it I feel like there should be lyrics to it. Then I found out, yeah, this is actually the improvised/made better minus one of a Brian Johnson song of the same name. Heh.

3. How Deep the Father's Love by Page CXVI

I love this band! So nice and mellow! This is their take on a very familiar hymn-ish song which I don't recall whether I performed to it or I saw a performance based on it. Most likely the former.

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