Monday, August 25, 2014

A for Alor, B for Bens

A surprise birthday celebration for Visha at Ben's at Publika. VCR/Barlai combo, then to Jalan Alor nearby for some delicious food. Yes Ben's, people only go to you for the convenient location and pretty setting. 

Hot chocolate. (Have yet to discover a frozen hot chocolate confection in Malaysia)

Soft shell crab tortilla. Okay, this was satisfying, 

Jalan Alor, food paradise

Jalan Alor is wonderfully compact and promising. Even at 1am, the roads are filled and lights from each shop flows through your eyes, enticing you to keep your eyes open for just a moment longer past your bedtime. We saw a man riding a motorcycle with a monkey as a pillion rider, and that made our night.

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