Saturday, July 5, 2014

3 OOTDs I'm Digging ATM

*OOTD = outfit of the day
ATM = at the moment

Gary Pepper, aka Nicole Warne - anything she wears is always something I end up liking. Like the above. If I see that dress in a boutique, I'd pass it over because it's just not that me - but here, it looks perfect and like something I'd want to try! I don't know if it's her way of mixing and matching (with a reliable collection of favourites she always uses) or her up-to-date wardrobe, but the deep palettes and wide range of styles she goes after is very aspirational. Simply put - her style makes me happy! 

So pretty and so simple! I love the colour, a pale red, and the textures from the long, sheer skirt with the rough, knitted sweater. The clashing patterns make the picture look somewhat complete in a way I cannot put my finger on! 

Olivia Palermo, socialite, stylista and star of an MTV show got married in the above get-up: a sweater, boyshorts (underneath) and a gorgeous but see-through tulle skirt. Now that's a three-piece worth talking about! What a refreshing change from traditional wedding dresses -  and it looks superb on her. All three pieces from Carolina Herrera. 

Wear what makes you happy! :) 

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