Saturday, July 5, 2014

3 Jaw-Dropping Natural Pools to Check Out

Apparently, the June/July season is summer in US (school's out) and in Europe (that's why many people go to Europe in summer cos it's super nice then, and also US schools are out so more people go there then I guess) as well as in Asia! I remember when we went to Philippines a few years back during this period, it was a sweltering hot week. And this year is no different in Malaysia - hot days and hot nights all the way.

Cool off at bodies of water! Swimming pools are so last season, so I've found a few places with natural swimming pools you have to check out. Such gorgeous places, I can't stop using the word gorgeous. 

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland. A natural lake/spring that welcomes visitors to dwell and melt in its icy blue waters. Looks can be deceiving - it's just-right warm temperatures make it the perfect getaway in the cold weather!

Source Unknown

Cleopatra's Pool in Pamukkale, Turkey. It's named so because apparently Cleopatra herself came here to take advantage of the benefits of this pool. It's s gorgeous! Also a thermal pool, the distinctive mark of this attraction is the many ancient ruins and columns that lie in the water. What a leisurely swim this would be.

Source Unknown

Also in Pamukkale, Turkey (what's up with that place and gorgeous water catchments?!). These natural terraces are created by the sediments of water from a hot spring. Confusing yeah. Anyway this photo is not that stunning cos it's pretty monotonous - check this out for more. 

What other awesome natural pools do you know of? 

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