Saturday, March 1, 2014

This week in Shazam history

Just this week, Capital FM played a bunch of movie soundtracks in conjunction with Oscars (a fact that they seemed to have to announce before and after every song is played). My favourites from among that playlist are the below: 

And then BFM played this cover of Cream's Sunshine of your Love - wah, I didn't know a cover could sound almost better than the original. 

And this week in Pearl Jam 101 (it feels like I'm finding one PJ song or another every week), Given to Fly. This song came out when I was starting Standard 1, hehe.

Another one I'm pretty sure I found on BFM - Aqualung's (Why do I keep typing Aqualunch?!) Strange and Beautiful. WOW. SO. NICE. Probably my favourite find of the week. This song was released in 2002, but I think it sounds pretty "in" for today's tastes. 

Swedish folk rock and psychedelic band Junip's little gem called Line of Fire. Not sure if this came out in Breaking Bad or something 'cos it turns up in my search results. But GAH what a good find. I don't mind listening to this stuck in a jam.

In a formula, Oasis - Noel Gallagher = Beady Eye

Note to self: Thom Yorke's experimental Atoms for Peace

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