Saturday, February 9, 2013

things i want and should probably do.

find my resume. 
The file was in my HDD before it crashed, and now that it has completely gone bonkers, I can't even view the files. AH WAIT! I just remembered...did I upload my resume to LinkedIn? ... Nope it's not there. T_T


After half a year (or more, possibly) I'm finally done reading the Case for Faith (by investigative journalist Lee Strobel). It took me so long to get from cover to cover that I'm considering re-reading it, just to refresh myself on the points. This is a really, really good book for you christians and non-christians out there.

find out why some people find out about great songs from playing FIFA
like this gem. UGH! Isn't FIFA a football video game? Someone tell me why they're putting songs like this in there, please. Do they play football with this slow jam?

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