Saturday, January 7, 2012

the healer

So. This week was the first time I fell sick in...half a year? Almost a year?

It's amazing how I didn't fall sick when I most expected to - when the year end came round, during Jet camp time, etc - and only now, the first week of January.

This week was a pretty rough but beautiful week, as I got to see and feel the grace of God first hand (or second). On Monday, we heard that one of our youths was hospitalized for fever - he had been feverish since NYE. The next day, we heard of another youth, A, in the hospital for dengue, and his family domestic helper was in another hospital, too. Later that day, his brother (D) was also admitted for fever. It was very depressing for me to hear all this - especially in the first week of the new year.

So we called the youth (via Facebook) to pray for these people, and to ask God to heal them in Jesus' name. There is power in His name. You just won't know how much until you seek. So we prayed throughout Tuesday, and let me tell you, it was so encouraging to see all these youths commenting "AMEN!" on that post. (Amen means so be it, a common term of agreement)

Onward to Wednesday, I asked Daniel on the A's condition. He replied that the fever is gone (PTL) but they're waiting for the blood count to hike. This was around 4pm. Later on I checked with the A's other brother, and he says that both A and D were discharged that afternoon! Ready to go to school the next day, too!

Just a few minutes after that, I got an SMS that said that the first youth is now out of the hospital as well. You can imagine, the amount of GOOSEBUMPS I had when I heard that.

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