Tuesday, January 31, 2012

death is a part of life. the sooner you grasp it, the better you'll live.

Image by Elena Kalis

"Better to spend your time at funerals than at parties. After all, everyone dies--so the living should take this to heart."

The verse above, easier said than done.

This evening, I went to the first (and hopefully, last) wake service of a young person. I've not seen that many people in attendance before.

I've kind of forgotten the true meaning of death - an eternal life in Paradise with the Lover of your soul.

"A death is not written off as death in the Salvation Army," said Pastor Ron. "It's called PROMOTION. And how true is that? That's the biggest promotion we'll ever have, with crowns of glory and reward in heaven!"

Still, the loss experienced by the family members and their sorrow and how they cope with it can eclipse that fact.

"She is walking with the patriarchs of past, meeting Jesus and having the happiest time! If she comes back - which we do not want her to, as she would be in this corrupt world of pain - it would only be for two reasons: One, to console her family members in their sadness. And two, to tell all of us that Heaven is real! That there is life after death,"

We'll see you later, Alina.

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