Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Post camp

This week, we begin another part of our lives - life, post-camp. The usual suspects emerge from deep beneath the surface - post-camp withdrawal symptom, post-camp 16-hour sleep, post-camp sickness...but what if all this was not meant to be? What if all of these symptoms and sicknesses we bring upon ourselves is our own denial? What if God didn’t ever want all of this?

What if, after camp, was the REAL camp? Camp: Life Edition?

As all past camp presidents/speakers have said time and time again: Your challenge begins here. How much will you hold on to God’s presence and His promises after all the campers have gone back to their homes? How far will you go to keep on edifying one another? How desperate will you be in your prayer to see His kingdom come on earth?

Let’s not lose sight of the goal. May God’s Spirit go before you in all you do. I proclaim the powerful blood of Jesus upon your lives and destiny, that nothing shall steal your salvation away in these last days. We are all here for one another.

God doesn’t revoke his call ( nor break his promises. We humans do, and that’s why we backslide sometimes. Go back to God - he is still waiting for you, the prodigal child!

For the new believers, your journey begins here. God is with you every step of the way, and so are we. Do not shy away from fellowship. Do not shy away from discovery. Embrace this new life in Christ. (

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